CCAI provides a full range of Internet Hosting and support services to assist clients in developing, implementing and maintaining any level of internet presence.

Define your net presence

Whether it be a simple web site, an advanced corporate e-commerce solution or blogging of any kind, whatever the scale or requirement, CCAI maintains the most up-to-date environment and tools to provide the most appropriate solution. We offer the latest cPanel platform and a full range of software tools, with Softaculous, Fantastico, site building software, e-commerce solutions, 99.9% host platform up-time, and much, much more.

We host blog clients using the latest WordPress CMS software, as well as other CMS and non-CMS platforms. Whether you wish the superior control and flexibility of a privately hosted blog, are establishing a corporate web presence of any size or are interested in a basic personal net footprint, the CCAI environment offers a platform that make the task easy. For most basic sites there is no need for expensive web development to created a professional looking web presence, and in most cases the client can operate the web site themselves.

Canadian-Flag-sMany clients today are concerned about US National Security Agency access to their site data. Our servers and IP address spaces are entirely Canadian – hosted in Canada.

Net security issues are of ever increasing importance. The CCAI platform provide exemplary up-time, security tools and makes available any security auditing that clients may need.

Whether the requirement is one-time or on-going, CCAI has the expertise and training to assist you. We offer the platform of the major players, with the personalized relationship only a smaller group can offer.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and our hosting environment.